Friday, February 5, 2010

Sandor Katz of Wild Fermentation Wants Your Imput

Katz's book Wild Fermentation has tuned a great many of us, including our own Natalie, on to the benefits of creating and enjoying fermented foods. Katz has sent out an e-mail to his subscribers asking for input, photos and information for his upcoming book. If you are interested in fermentation and pursue it on your own perhaps you would like to send your images or information to Katz. He writes that he is seeking...
"IMAGES: This book will feature more graphics, so I am on the lookout. Specifically, I am seeking:ART depicting fermentation themes or using fermented materials;MICROSCOPY of fermented foods and the organisms that make them;QUALITY PHOTOS of ferments, either homemade, or in indigenous contexts.
SMALL-SCALE PRODUCERS: This book will include a chapter with information pertaining to starting fermentation-related business enterprises.
BEER-MAKER-MALTERS: Anyone out there malting their own barley? Or using wild fermentation for beermaking? If you do, or if you know any, please do be in touch. I am also on the lookout for folks who ferment POI, FUFU, GARI, SORGHUM BEER, CHANG, or other ferments not covered in Wild Fermentation."
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