Saturday, April 17, 2010

Local Milk 3 Very Different Ways

Here is a few quick bits on three very different approaches to local milk. First, on Homestead Creamery... Last year I did some online research to find out all that I could about the western Virginia company and it's practices. Details were a bit to vague for my taste really and Erin and I have been trying to plan a field trip out there all year. We still hope to check out the dairy, located near Smith Mountain Lake, sometime this spring. Meanwhile Whole Foods has an updated video about Homestead Creamery. It all look pretty good, pastured cows, no added hormones or antibiotics, low temp pasturization etc. They even grow most of the supplemental grains for the cows right there on the farm. Check it out Here. You can get Homestead Creamery milk, butter, cream, and ice cream at Kroger and at Whole Foods. I love the milk and the butter. The Ice cream contains high fructose corn syrup and would not be my top pick for a good ice cream. There is a two dollar deposit for each bottle. Simply return the bottles to customer service counter for a cash reimbursement.

If your interested in Raw Milk one option is Avery's Branch. Check out This post I did a while back. Avery's Branch Milk is available by purchasing a "Cow Share." Basically you become buy into the cow and in return you get milk. There are different pickup locations around town including several farmer's markets and shops like Olio on Meadow and Good Foods Grocery in the Westend at Gaskins and on Southside. The owner of Olio has enough room in his refrigerated case to store the milk until shareholders have the opportunity to come and pick it up. Check out their complete drop site list here.

Finally.... Breast Milk anyone??! Okay, this is one time when knowing your source might be a little awkward. Check out this unusual blogger story and Washington Post article about a respected restaurants dabbling with breast milk cheese! Warning... the comments on the Post site get a bit raunchy.

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