Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fresh Ginger Tea

My sister-in-law Wendy swears by this tea for amazing overnight relief at the first sign of a head cold. I definitely believe it makes me feel better almost instantly. Since she first made this tea for me a couple of years ago, I've become a convert. She says it's kinda harsh, but it works. I actually don't even find it harsh- I love it- with or without a teaspoon of good honey. Luckily making the tea requires little more work than tossing in a regular tea bag.

Peel and grate enough fresh ginger to fill a tea diffuser. I use a paring knife to peal the ginger and my Microplane to do the grating. This usually takes just about as much time as it does for the water to boil. When I have cold and know I'll be drinking this daily, I'll grate up enough to fill a small container. Seal it up tight and store in the fridge for a few days worth. Place diffuser in mug, fill mug with boiling water and let steep for a few minutes more than you would regular tea, until water is actually kind of cloudy.
And while we're talking ginger....

Did you know about the ginger growing program at Virgina State University. A friend of ours first told us about this a couple of years ago when she showed up to one of our potlucks with a salad that included fresh ginger she had aquired from them. Here is a short summary by Reza Rafie Ph.D, of the trials using a High Tunnel technique. You may have heard him talking about this very project last year on NPR's 'With Good Reason.'


  1. First sign of a cold I do this ginger tea and some of my garlic soup. Two liquids of wonder!

  2. Okay, now you need to tell me all about this garlic soup!