Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Trip for Dairy ( and Wine, and Granola, and...)


Nothing makes a Monday better than taking the day off work and heading out for a day trip with friends. We started our road trip in the proper fashion with me locking my keys and every single item of importance in my car. I did this while trying to call Erin to check on her progress and so by accident Erin was left with a rather surprising message involving a good deal of pounding noises and some repeated curses. Leaving behind my car... and my  I.D., wallet, camera, food, water...well you get the idea...we were on our way. Our first stop was Everona Dairy in Rapidan, Virginia.  
From there we stopped for Ice Cream at the Moo Thru in Remington Virginia. Moo Thru is the brain child of a fourth generation Virginia dairy farm family that wanted to find a way to do more than sell their milk in bulk.  A roadside stop off a busy four lane road the Moo Thru has a drive thru window, a walk up window and outdoor tables under a pavilion.  We left Erin here to enjoy a lunch of grilled cheese and Ice cream with the owner while we zipped down the road to theRed Truck Bakery in Old Town Warrenton.
This Red Truck Bakery is a perfect small town meeting place.  The chef's old red pickup sits just outside of the converted gas station.  A bakery counter in the front room leads to a singular communal table surrounded by the floor to ceiling windows of the converted car bay and the noise of the open kitchen. This company has been featured on Road with a score of "Legendary- worth driving  from anyplace."
 I had to try a bottle of their own root beer.  It was delicious, along with a fantastic chicken salad sandwich, some cold curried sweet potato and carrot soup, and a bit of crumb cake. I dined with my friends Montana and Linda and sweet woman from the area who had ecstatic praise for every dessert in the place.  For ten dollars I  bought ( or ah... Linda bought) a bag of their house made granola.  This stuff gets a lot of press and it was good. A bit too sticky sweet for my taste  even with plain yogurt.  I did enjoy it  drenched in whole milk. Don't take my word for it though.  There are obviously a whole slew of devoted Red Truck Granola Fans.
We wound around stumbling onto Hume Vineyards.  The barn they use in their photos sets the right feel.  We pulled up driving past the man in the riding mower cutting down acres of grass only to get to glass front door of a large barn like structure with a sign that told us to go on in, the man mowing the lawn would be with us in a minute.  I turned around to be greeted by a hearty wave and big smile from the owner riding his mower back up the hill to meet us.  Not skipping a beat he was behind the counter and pouring my first taste... the 2011 Seyval Blanc.  I waked out with a bottle of this, and my friend took a bottle of their Viognier.  A rather different approach from a young vineyard.

After checking out some pottery spots we found our much anticipated and last destination... Second Wind Farm in Sperryville.  A fabulous spot owned and operated by a dedicated family who care for animals ranging from lama  to duck. They make some fabulous fermented  foods, and cheese just for themselves, spin wool from their sheep, and basically make a beautiful life out of their piece of the earth.   If you live near the area look into buying a goat share.
After a relaxing visit at Second Wind we ended our day with a giant soft serve ice-cream for dinner... All and all a pretty nice Monday.
Next up... Fredricksburg....


  1. It sounds like you all had a wonderful time. I can't wait for my next day out with girls. I just bought an insulated bag on clearance to keep the sandwiches, water and wine cool during our journeys.

  2. if you like handspun local wool, there's the Fall Fiber Festival coming up