Saturday, April 18, 2009

Michael Pollan Day

Michael Pollan is in town today for his lecture at the Richmond Forum, accompanied by Marion Nestle, author of the books Why We Eat and Food Politics. These two leaders in the local food movement took the time to visit two of Tricycle Gardens' community gardens, the NRC children's garden in Fulton Hill, and the Church Hill community plot garden. Ron and I stopped by the NRC to stalk these great writers and also check out the progress of the garden, where Tricycle Gardens horticulturist Allison, a dedicated group of volunteers, and lots of kids have been working away.

Great garden!

Penny, Lisa, Allison, Michael Pollan and Marion Nestle all check out the NRC's raised beds.

Michael chats.

Impromptu book signing! I told him Omnivore's Dilemma had inspired me to become a locavore, write about local food and work on an organic farm...I'm looking forward to hearing both Michael and Marion speak tonight at the Forum. Inspiration! If you'd like to experience Michael from the comfort of your own home, check out this Bill Moyers interview, recommended by Ron.

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