Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quail Spring Farm CSA

My friend Laura filled me in this week on a new CSA operated by her long time friends at Quail Spring Farm In Louisa Virginia. (This is not to be confused with the "natural" food CSA Quail Cove Farms which supplies food to several states in our region.) Some of you may be familiar with Quail Spring Farm for the healthy,beautiful plants and cut flowers they previously sold at area plant sales. They have since switched to all vegetables and started up a 20 week CSA.
Their website indicates that they do not use pesticides or herbicides and that they use organic fertilizers. They also produce their own compost.
Half shares are $325 and Full shares are $600. Drop off locations in the Richmond area are at Elwood Thompson's on Tuesdays and at the new West End Market on Saturdays.
Their website has information on other related aspects of their life including links to articles written by the "lady of the farm" on .
Check 'em out.

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