Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tao of Foods Class

Just found out about this one from the flyer section at Ellwood Thompson's.

Tao of Foods Class -- The Healing Qualities of Food

Are you confused about which diet is the right for you? Have you ever wondered about what gives food the healing properties they have?

In this class you will learn and get an understanding of hte different qualities of life force or chi in our daily diet, which will assist in making better choices in what is right for you and what effect they have on our body and mind. The foundation of hte class is based in Oriental philosophy using yin and yang and the 5 elements.

Instructor: Lili Just Simons certified Shiatsu Therapist and Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher. Lili has been in the healing field for 30 years and was a head cook in vegetarian restaurants both in Europe and USA and taught cooking classes from a healing perspective.

Date: Thursday, April 23, 5:30-7PM
Place: The Aquarian Bookshop, 3519 Ellwood Ave.
Call 804-257-5573 to register.

Food certainly has a spiritual component. I will not be able to attend this class, but I would be curious to hear from anyone who does, or in fact anyone who has thoughts on the relation between food, eating and spirituality. I have many thoughts on this topic, though I have not really thought about it much in the context of East Asian philosophy and religion. The subject of this class reminds me of that famous Hippocrates quote....“Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food."

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