Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shop Indoors Today at the Lakeside Farmer's Market!

Today the real feel may be something in the range of 110 degrees! With that in mind the Lakeside Farmers Market has opened up the adjacent indoor, and air conditioned space for vendors and shoppers. The choice is up to the vendors. If you see few or no vendors under the usual pavilion they will be inside the Lakeside Towne Center beside the Tool Guys.
Also Don't forget tonight is the Neighborhood Potluck at the Lakeside Market. Bring a local foods dish and meet at the pavilion at 5:30.

Update: My apologies to any of you who went to lakeside hoping to shop and beat the heat. The choice was up to the vendors, and much to my surprise when I got there at about quarter to five all were under the pavilion as usual. By then it didn't seem to bad and even though vendors had sold out of some of the more 'exciting' items like Agriberries apricots and Deer Run's Sun Gold tomatoes, there was still plenty of great stuff. I was having dinner with family and got a couple quarts of red new potatoes, a mix of yellow, purple, and green string beans (The purple beans turn green when you cook 'em), a couple cukes, a tomato and banana peppers for a greek salad and finally two pints of sweet cherries, and two pints of blackberries to have with ice cream for dessert.

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