Friday, September 23, 2011

Apple Down Slaw: An Accidental Dinner

So, I came home from the gym last night ready to do nothing, but dinner was unplanned and needed to happen. Well, like any good procrastinator, I did other things than the thing I should be doing (in this case making dinner). I decided it was time to wash and arrange my lovely bounty of local apples (thank you, Agriberry!).

Aren't they lovely?

Well, as luck would have it, I let one of these beauties slip from my hands. It landed (bam!) right onto the hardwood floor. I reached down for the apple and one side was already a bit mushy - there was even a bit of apple juice bubbling off the top.

Apple juice anyone?

So, there was a choice to be made: keep or toss this damaged fruit? It wouldn't have much of shelf life and I've already told you that I was feeling SO lazy. I confess, for a moment, I thought of composting. But, then I started poking around in the fridge for ingredients that would be friendly to a bruised apple. That's when I found these guys hanging out with nothing to do....

Sweet apple with cabbage, carrots, and celery - nice! It seemed dinner was just within, I turned to the pantry and found more willing companions....

So, there it was! For dinner we'd have apple slaw served with extra sharp cheddar cheese. To make the slaw, I used the grater for all the ingredients, except for the cabbage which I thinly sliced. I combined all the fixins in a large bowl with the lemon, oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper to taste. I've even tossed a few red pepper flakes.

Dinner is served!

Really and truly, this dinner was unplanned and happened in less than 20 minutes. Just what the night called was light, healthy, and delicious (and did I mention easy?!). What a nice reminder of what is possible with a bit of energy, imagination, and good ingredients.


  1. wowowow. talk about eating colors. yum!

  2. I had the remains of this meal today on top of a chili dog on french bread rolls, WOWOOW. I'm going to have to start dropping some apples.

  3. Great idea using apple in the slaw. I must try that.

  4. Thanks guys! It really was a happy accident! Totally fun.