Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a whole new world!

I feel like I have a thousand irons in the fire. It's ridiculous.

In the meantime, I am so freaking psyched about the mayonnaise I made. Still! It's making me a bit cocky and I'm thinking about taking on another item that is consumed like gangbusters in my house.

Soy milk . . . holla! My little crew of three goes through a ridiculous amount of soy milk. I have been just buying it because I figured that's what you do. But that whole making my own mayonnaise thing has changed my tune.

I'm thinking of getting a soy milk maker. Truth, I had never heard of this before. But, my friend mentioned it the other day and I have been hung up on the idea ever since. I mean if I can make mayonnaise, I can make soy milk . . . right? We'll all find out soon because I am angling for the soy milk maker as my birthday present (October 9th if you are reading this old man!).

Has anyone else ever made their own soy milk? For some reason, I feel like if I make my own soy milk I will have truly "arrived" somehow. Man oh man, this is exciting!

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  1. Yeah, girl! Virginia State University is working with local growers to develop new strains of soybeans which are classically bred and appropriate for organic gardens! Check it:

    Epic Gardens sells them by the stalk at the Farmers market at St. Stephen's- try 'em!