Monday, September 26, 2011

Slow Food Film Feast!

This summer I've been working with our local Slow Food Chapter to help put together the first Slow Food Film Feast!  These guys have worked hard to create an amazing line up of educational, fun, and inspiring films all focused on important food issues.  This first "Reel Food RVA" event will include feature films like Farmageddon, Queen of the Sun, and Truck Farm.   The all day Saturday event opens with three documentary films for food and film lovers of all ages starting off with a great  piece from Bill Nye that's perfect for early morning.  (Just like Saturday mornings back in the day!) 

This event helps to kick off national Food Day which is Monday Oct. 24th.  Join us October 22 at the Byrd Theater in Carytown for a day, hour, morning or afternoon of  film and, of course, food. Stay tuned for ticket, and vendor information. 

Sponsorship: Help get the word out about your own sustainable and local food efforts while supporting Slow Food RVA. For information on Sponsorship opportunities contact Stacy Luks at


  1. Uh, this is AMAZING. Love this idea, and can't wait to see flix at the Byrd theater, along with great local food. Well played, RFC. :)

  2. Such a cool poster. Whoever designed that has got skilz!

  3. Cool Megan, we'll see you there! And, thanks Al!