Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Byrd House Market Tonight Sept 2!

Okay, so I miss the Byrd House Market!! I used to go every Tuesday evening after work without fail, and now with other markets literally just a few blocks from my work and home I can't ever seem to justify the time or the fuel expense for what is for me a drive across town and back (usually during rush hour). None the less, I love this market, and every week I still hope that perhaps I will make it over there to Oregon Hill.

So this week in there update a few things caught my attention like the fact that they now have a new selection of prepared foods like garlic fries and turkey burgers!!! Okay this is one of my all time favorite combinations and what a treat to shop at the market and not have to worry if your shopping time is cutting into your dinner prep time.
Or if your not into the prepared foods thing, My husband and I were always content with a meal of fresh baked bread, a big salad and some fresh fruit all from the market for a no cook dinner. O yeah, and some fresh baked treat from Simply Delicious for dessert!

Here is the text from today's Byrd House e-mail.....

"Most people consider an heirloom something special, to be held dear. Our growers would agree with you. Their heirloom veggies are grown from seeds of varieties from bygone days -- before industrialized farming made every tomato identical and tasteless.
Classical guitarist Alexander Rodriguez will also be reminding us of days gone by with his beautiful Baroque music. Great food, great music, and great friends are, historically speaking, the best combination.
Don't forget we now have prepared food to enjoy while you shop like Nate's tacos, Flynn's garlic fries and turkey burgers, and fresh sandwiches from St. Andrews Church. To learn more about what all our vendors are bringing, go to www.byrdhousemarket.blogspot.com
Activities Sept 2, 2008
4 to 6 p.m. - Face painting with Synergeo4:30 p.m. - Storyteller in the garden6 to 7 p.m. Alexander Rodriguez performs

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  1. Hi Shannon--
    Nice job with the Blog; I like the links to the farms. Got an e-mail today about this new community garden effort getting started in the Fan, & thought you folks might like to check it out as it seeks like a kindred effort. Take care.
    Quote follows:
    "Please call Lisa Taranto at 231-7767, or email lisa@tricyclegardens.org, or check out our website :
    www.tricyclegardens.org for more info"