Monday, March 16, 2009

Alert! Tell the USDA to protect your right to choose foods free of genetic engineering!

The deadline for submitting comments on a new USDA rule concerning genetically modified crops is TOMORROW! I just found out about this, so sorry for the last minute warning. According to the Center for Food Safety, the USDA is proposing much weaker regulation on genetically engineered crops, creating "a huge loophole allowing biotech companies to assess their own crops to determine whether USDA should regulate them. And the criteria are open-ended, very subjective, and will certainly reduce USDA’s oversight of GE crops. The USDA began this process over four years ago by promising stricter oversight. Unfortunately, improvements considered early on have been dismissed, and the proposed rule now has the same gaping holes as the policy it is replacing, and creates a few new ones, as well." For more info do some of your own Googling, or click here. You can send the USDA your comments or a prewritten comment through Farm Aid's site. Take action!

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