Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sometimes it is difficult to follow through. And really, having fresh food comes with a certain amount of maintenance- eat it before it would better benefit your compost pile than you. For example, this morning I found that all of my milk had gone sour. Delightful! So in a fit of grave responsibility, (which I had no business acting on as my morning coffee routine had been thwarted and I was clearly not thinking clearly) I thought, well, I should make yogurt before the milk goes totally south.

Yogurt is so simple and yet, honestly, kind of persnickety. Natalie often has trouble getting hers to yog-(it is too a real word- look it up!) and the milk has separated into curds and whey the last two times I have tried making it, which is exactly what happened this morning. What is supposed to happen is so simple- heat the milk slowly (I think this is my problem, there is very little I do slowly) while stirring (also a problem for a morning which requires multitasking) and when it has reached 180 degrees, take the milk off the heat, let cool until the temp reaches 110 degrees, add a tablespoon of cultures (I use yogurt) and keep in a warm spot for 8 hours. Viola!

Unless, it is not. I felt so defeated when I had to got to the grocery store for milk and yogurt that I bought myself a frozen pizza (my all time favorite food- I know, it makes no sense). I know I should have felt all kinds of things, but I really just felt lucky- lucky to be able to feel sure what my breakfast would look like tomorrow. It is all an adventure, really.


  1. I hear you on the pizza :) My friends refer to me as the "gourmet." Which makes me laugh b/c I have a strong penchant for Dijourno frozen pizza, kraft mac-n-cheese as well as Taco Bell. But, in all fairness, I do make a mean creme brulee! LOL! Good luck next time w/the yogurt!

  2. Have you tried crockpot yogurt? There are plenty of websites with instructions. It takes care of the slow heating for you.