Sunday, June 28, 2009

Erin's Top Five at the Market- Late June

Here are my favorite items right now from the Market at St. Stephen's:

1. Cheddar biscuits from Capital Coffee and Desserts- buttery and crumbly
2. Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee from Blanchard's Coffee Company- $10 from each bag goes to Light in Africa, a non- governmental organization that cares for sick and orphaned children and other unsupported people in Tanzania
3. Flowers from Eli's Greens- happiness, pure and simple
4. veggies from Peasant Fare- you have got to love buying from a woman who bags herbs and veggies together in one convenient package, who also sells worms and their castings, and who snacks on Nasturtium flowers,
5. eggs from Kilravock Ranch or Providence Farm- the yolks are neon orange, which means happy chickens.

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