Monday, March 1, 2010

Check out Byrd House Market this Tuesday! And Support Haiti!

Ana Edwards sent out a great e-mail this week letting everyone know about two great projects taking place. Here's what she had to say...

"To support our kids for being so bright and wanting to help the kids in Haiti, there will be a DONATION BOX at the market this week. Click the link "Kids Yard Sale for Haiti" at to learn more. Special Thanks to vendor Rostov's Coffee & Tea for donating coffee to the cause.
Here's a little press from the Times Dispatch:
If you see Marlene, our Volunteer Environmental Coordinator, looking a wee tired it might be because she and a resilient assistant spent 6 hours on Saturday cleaning up the fence-line around the land that will be the BHM Farmlet. Blackberries will take the place of 6 truckloads of trash wood and weeds that our intrepid team carted out of there. Since we'd like Marlene and Pat to live into their next decades, why don't you come on out for the next Farmlet Work Out Day, next Saturday, Mar. 6. layout and notifying new vendors of their status... "

In addition check out some of the great food you find at this weeks renegade market!....

Bread for the People: Baguettes, Foccacia (feta, herbed), Brioche, Wheat loaves, Rolls and other good breads - breadman(at)netscape(dot)net
Empress Farms: Whole Turkey, Ground Turkey Turkey cutlets, Turkey eggs, Rabbit, canned apple goods (Apple-Maple Jam, Spicy Pickled Tomatoes...) rabbits(dot)for(dot)you(at)gmail(dot)com
Faith Farm Food: Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Amish roll butter, Eggs (all winter), Local Honey, Jams, Egg Noodles - Boston Butts for barbecue, Meaty Chicken Wings,Steaks for grilling, chili a mix of Chorizo; Ground Beef works great, suckling pigs - faithfarmfoods(dot)blogspot(dot)com
Thistledowne Farm: Local Apples, Foccacia Breads, Herbs, Jams (Peach-Rosemary, Blueberry-Basil...), Pickles, Apple sauce, Pizelles and handmade Soaps

Plus more from their renegade CSAs.

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