Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Goodies from deRochonnet's Chocolates

This just in from our friends at deRochonnets Chocolates:

Handcrafted chocolate for Easter!

The Easter Basket is an actual chocolate basket with our products (marshmallows, chocolate eggs, carrot - flavor of a orange dream sickle, floppy ear bunny, chocolate nonpareils, white chocolate lamb) except the jelly beans. All of the chocolate products are made with French & Belgian chocolate. Price $18.00 (Milk or Dark)

The Mad Hatter Bunny reminds you of Alice & Wonderland. The bunny has been painted with colored cocoa butter price $18.00

Pick yours up at their store:

13228 Midlothian Turnpike

Midlothian, VA 23113

or call (804) 794-1551

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  1. hello, I am super thrilled to be writing to you. Several reasons, I am still amazed at how the internet can bring people together all over the world and even more excited when it brings people together in you own back door. I live only two hours from Richmond VA.
    I am a card maker/creator.
    My dh and I where having a discussion today about "october beans" I dearly luv these beans my grandmother used to make them all the time. I did a search on line and your site came up to a Sept 2009 post about october beans...where can I get

    I was super surprised to see you are near me, I save and follow all(of interest) VA blogs.....if you have time to check out my blog please visit.

    Have a weekend filled with sunshine!

    enjoy *~*