Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pick Your Own Blueberries and Blackberries-Update

Blueberry Season is upon us and if you like pick your own there are several places to choose from. I like Swift Creek Berry farm. They expect their blueberries to be ready at the end of June or early July. I've posted about them for the last couple of years. My friend Lisa likes them as well and she is a real U-pick devotee.
Right around the corner is blackberry season. One of my favorite market vendors, Deer Run Farm told me about the u-pick blackberries at Pleasant Fields Farm. Formerly a part of Pleasant Fields Farm, the operators of Deer Run Farm now own additional land just across the road. Pleasant Fields Farm in Hanover Virginia is open for blackberry picking seven days a week. They also have a small number of blueberries, few enough that they don't advertise them. If there there at just the right time (when blueberries are still in season, and they still have some left) you can get both. I think this is where I am going to go this year. (Update: Previously I had incorrectly indicated that the u-pick blackberries were at Deer Run Farm. They are Not. They are at the Pleasant Fields Farm across the road.)
Pleasant Fields Farm 1765 Nelsons Bridge Rd.

One of Lisa's favorite spots for u-pick blackberries is Maidens Thornless Blackberries
2638 River Road West, Maidens, VA 23102 (804) 556-4164. Located just east of the Goochland Courthouse, or 17 miles west of Parham Rd. They can be hard to get in touch with, but Lisa did talk with them. They say they expect their blackberries to be ready after the July Fourth holiday. The Pick-Your-Own site says they are "open: 7 am to sunset, Monday to Saturday; 1 p.m.-sunset, Sunday. Call before coming. Bring your own containers. "

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