Friday, October 22, 2010

This Just In From Victory Farms-Great Variety!

I decided to post this portion of the e-mail from Victory Farms because I think it's a good representation of the markets right now....
"The garden is bursting with goodies right now - thanks to cooler weather and a little rain! We'll have LOTS of great greens, roots and fruits this Saturday from 8am-noon at the South of the James Market so come on by! We still have summer items like eggplant, peppers and cucumbers as well as some gorgeous ripening and green tomatoes plus cooking and salad greens and so much more!
We need to work through this week's Henley's Orchard inventory so we won't have the new varieties mentioned earlier until next week, but the ones we have are crunchy and sweet and great for apple pies and snacks too!"

It looks like lots of great stuff and tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day.
I will not be at South of the James this weeks, but will instead be checking out other area markets I don't normally get to. However, last week I got a huge bag of mustard greens, kale, sun gold tomatoes, a chocolate croissant, eggs, kohlrabi, 2 large bags of perfect looking green beans, 2 large heads of broccoli, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, eggplant, arugula, a very large and beautiful bag of salad greens mixed will violets, asain pears, apples, "country pears," red sweet peppers and probably more that I've forgotten. Next I'll have to post the menu plan for the week that all this great stuff inspired. Happy shopping...

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