Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy spring!

Just wanted to take a second to celebrate the beginning of the most beautiful spring in my recent memory. The reprieve from the chill and dark of winter was certainly means for some kind of commemoration, so we brought out the last bottle from our ill fated wine club membership with Kluge- a rose champagne which was a perfect match for our brunch. It also might have been the reason I forgot to take photos of the food table. You'll just have to trust me that the quiche, and fruit and cheeses and jams and breads were all just beautiful. Casey even brought some gorgeous lettuce from her garden, which she grew under a hoop all winter long! Very inspiring.

We got to tour Shannon's garden, which because she is a horticulturist at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, is incredibly beautiful. It doesn't hurt that her husband is a fantastic carpenter, and made envy- inducing cold frames for their early season crops. Here we are, peering in:

Shannon and Matt also have an asparagus patch, which is now three years old. That means this is the first year the asparagus can be harvested! We ate the mini crop right there- fresh asparagus is a lovely, lovely thing.
I got so inspired, I went home and weeded the median garden, finding that the onions and garlic I planted in the fall had sprouted! I even found some rogue carrots, lettuce, and sunflower sprouts which had re-seeded from last year's garden. I threw in some cilantro seed, peas and some arugula, and planted some blue pansies for fun. Now Clyde and I will just have to see what comes up.

Happy spring, and happy gardening all!

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