Friday, May 27, 2011

Strawberry Vinaigrette

I cannot pass those beautiful red strawberries at the market without taking some home! I have made all the smoothies and cobblers humanly possible, and have eaten my weight in raw berries by this point in the season. I wanted to try something with strawberries that added sweetness to a savory dish, and I needed some variety in my salad combinations, et voila! Strawberry vinaigrette came into my life. Yum.

3 oz strawberry juice (puree 1 C strawberries, then press the pulp through a sieve with a spatula so the just the juice is pressed through)

1/4 C white balsamic vinegar (I love the fig infused one I found at Kroger)

1/2 C olive oil

1TBS Dijon mustard

salt and pepper

Shake or stir until all the ingredients are emulsified. Perfect with simple salads.


  1. Thanks for posting this Erin! I still need to make Trevor's salad of fresh Spinach, Strawberries, toasted pecans, and red onion with his strawberry vin. His was without the dijon, but that sounds delicious... will try!

  2. Simple yet elegant! Yum.