Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I killed my veggie garden. I mean, I neglected it almost entirely- left it to its own devices. All those tomatoes and peppers and squashes- gone. This is particularly ironic because I am a professional gardener. I mean, I get paid to know better. I even grow food for a living, yet my own garden got put last on my list of things to do. I just recently looked up from my constant trudging and noticed that in the midst of the bare spots, there was still potential to be harnessed. And so, I begged forgiveness from the tomato gods, and I harvested some carrot seed.
I suppose you could plant your carrot seeds now, though I am going to wait until that day in early spring when it is finally warm enough and light enough to play outside again. I am going to scatter those seeds along with some arugula seed, and watch them duke it out as the ground warms. That event seems like a long time from now though. Until that day, I will make do with this experiment with my favorite (read: indestructible) plant- Germander.

Germander thrives with little water, poor soil and varying degrees of light. Among its other charms are that it is used in the manufacture of liqueurs, vermouths, and tonics. It has survived right next to my house for years with (ahem) very little attention. So now, I am going to propagate it to grow along the entire length of the house.

I simply snipped some of the lanky branches from this super low growing evergreen, stripped the bottom leaves, and placed them in water. If roots start to form, (and before they get too tangly) I will pot them up and plant them in the fall. I'll let you know how it goes...

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