Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I heart pickles (oh and Yes We Can!)

It is taking all of my energy to not write another post about eggplant. We have had so much of it lately and, much like soup, I have a hard time understanding when it's time to change things up. I came home with visions of pizza (with eggplant, natch!) in my head, but Micah seemed to think that having pizza two days in a row (and for breakfast!) was a bit much. Boo hiss! I stewed briefly until I realized something majorly exciting . . .

Today was the day that my pickles would be ready!!

I have never ever ever tried anything even remotely "canny" and I have always been really in awe of people who do can. Casey made it seem super easy. However, Casey is kind of an effortless chick, so I had low expectations for my own first try. Guess what though?

Her recipe is bombtastic! Super easy! I even found myself making a few changes off the cuff (I cut the sugar in half) and not even being worried about it. This is big for me. I am known to be a very worried little chef! No worries now!

(I even made extras today after tasting my first batch!)

Anyway, all this leads me to a very exciting announcement. Richmond Food Collective is hosting a food swap! We will include all things canned, preserved, dried . . . heck, even frozen! This is really going to be exciting. We sure hope you will register to be a part of the pantry-stocking fun!!

Yes We Can! Details
November 5, 2011
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Location TBA
And it's all free! You just have to bring something to swap!
Register by email:
Send your name, your products and about how much you will be bringing

We have a lot of cool people involved and some fun "extras" that we are super excited about. We sure hope you will join in as well!

Some of us RFC gals have been canning for awhile (in fact, maybe everyone except me? yikes!), and others of us are happily learning now. Either way, sharing the bounty seems so grand to us and we cannot wait to host this fabulous event.

What about you guys? Do you can? Are you psyched to get together with other "food putter-uppers" (got tired of using the word "can" so much) and do some good old-fashioned trading? Let us know! Register via email. Location will be disclosed only to registrants (intriguing, yes?). Bring your food to share, and take some home to eat!

I, for one, can't wait to eat your food!!

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