Monday, September 5, 2011

Take Back The Value Meal! Slow Foods $5 Meal Day


Saturday September 17th make a plan to prepare and share a delicious meal from whole foods for just five dollars or less per person. You probably do this all the time already, maybe without giving it a thought.  Help Slow Food show that eating healthy, whole, and local foods can be just as affordable as a run to the drive-through!  Follow the links below to sign up as a participant, check out $5 recipes, or connect with others in our area who would like to share a meal!  

From Slow Food RVA...

The $5 Challenge - Take Back the 'Value Meal'

September 17, 2011 12:00 am until 12:00 am
National Day of Action - Anywhere and everywhere in Richmond!
On Saturday, Sept 17th Slow Food USA's 2011 $5 Challenge campaign to Take Back the 'Value Meal' will launch with a national Day of Action, where we are encouraging people to take a pledge to cook a slow food meal for $5 per person or less.  Slow food shouldn't - and doesn't - have to cost more than fast food.  Stage a potluck, cook a meal for your family or friends, or for a crowd and charge $5 at the door.  Get creative and help us bring attention to the challenges many people face - and overcome - in feeding their families healthy, sustainable food.
Slow Food RVa will help coordinate groups wanting to gather and shop at Richmond area farmers' markets for $5 per person, then cook and enjoy together a family-style meal.  Contact us for guidance at

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