Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiring Resources

We often talk about how our generation is self-taught, trying to recreate the crafts mastered by our grandparents. Right? We are teaching ourselves how to bake bread, can, raise chickens, and so on. While this is true - we have something that our grandmothers didn't: we can access information so readily. Often I think we forget how extraordinary this truly is...if you don't know how to do something, you can find out the how-to from a reputable source almost instantly. Here are a couple of my favorite resources du jour....for inspiration, cooking tips, and health information.

  • V.K.Rees Photography - Yes, she is my sister, but she is way talented. Check out her site for dreamy photographs and delicious recipes.

  • Healthy Roots, Happy Life. This is a great resource developed by a dear friend, Katie Haines. I use this site for new approaches to managing our busy lives with stress reduction strategies and whole foods.

  • Radically Simple: Rozanne Gold - I love Gold's approach to food. Simple, healthy, whole foods. Her recipes have a wow-factor, but are so deliciously simple.
Enjoy! P.S. What are you enjoying these days? Please share!


  1. Wow Rachel, Vanessa's photography is incredible! Great to see local, organic, whole food realized evermore and everywhere. Nice work! dch

  2. So Great! Two that are new to me and I can't wait to check them out.