Tuesday, January 3, 2012

RFC Throwback: January

This month marks the beginning of the 5th year of the RFC, y'all!  After all these years of writing, so many of the recipes and other ideas have gotten buried.  What a shame!  So each month this year, I'll bring some of our favorite posts from that month in years past.  Happy 2012!  Looking forward to seeing what comes up...

Fresh, local ginger was the hottest thing at farmers markets last year.  You can probably still find it at markets, and I have seen it at Whole Foods.  Ginger is a wonderful, healing food, warming and detoxifying.  Looking back at last year's posts, I found Shannon's post for a cold remedy- Fresh Ginger Tea.  Could come in handy...

Also, I had forgotten that in January of 2010, we were going to have a mid- winter dinner party that was snowed out!  Coming up with winter meal ideas can be challenging, but reading over the menu just now, I got re-inspired.  Shannon also included recipes the spinach and white bean spread, curried squash soup and pot pies (chicken and vegetarian versions).   The recipes and menu are posted here.

In the RFC recipes from 2009, I found my recipe for homemade breakfast cereals- granola and a warm rice cereal (kind of like oatmeal).  I think I use less sugar in my granola these days, but this simple recipe got me started.  I haven't bought cereal that comes from a box in years- saved a lot of money, and a lot of trash too!

And, in one of the first ever RFC posts from 2008, there are recipes for my favorite egg salad, vegetable broth and chocolate cookies.  Yes, those cookies.  YUM.

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