Monday, July 23, 2012

"Life Changing" Grilled Watermelon!

Okay,  I know it sounds crazy.  The kids were seriously concerned.   "But your making the watermelon Ha-ot" was heard as we laid it to the fire. After all, watermelon is the perfect summer food.  Sweet, crisp, cool and refreshingly juicy, a good watermelon is hard to beat.  That said, everyone, and I mean everyone from my always pessimistic mother to the Summer Thanksgiving crowd thought this stuff was delicious.  I can't take credit for making this stuff up.  I found the recipe in a copy of Better Homes and Gardens or Southern Living ( for the record the later has all sorts of great southern food stuffs) while lounging poolside.  It was kismet!  I happened to have brought a watermelon with me and grilled it up that very night.  The result is a caramelized, warm, buttery treat that's totally unexpected.  My uncle said, "It taste like bacon."  Others actually uttered phrases such as "life changing" and "I have been waiting for this"- as in for my whole life. I can't promise you'll have the same reaction, and all this build up may be too much, but it was worth making more than once in a few week stretch. 

Here's the deal:
Cut a ripe watermelon into 1" thick wedges leaving the rind on.
Brush both sides of each wedge with olive oil.
Grill on med. heat for about 3 minutes per side or till you start to see a caramel color developing.
Remove from heat, let cool slightly as you add a couple squeezes of fresh lime, and some cayenne to taste.
Make sure it's not too hot and enjoy!!

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