Tuesday, July 3, 2012

RFC Throwback: June and July

Gracious me, it is July already!  June was swallowed whole by the i.e.* Startup Competition so I did not post much of anything, much less a throwback for June.  I hope lumping these two months together will be inspirational for y'all- tomatoes and berries and peaches are abundant, and we've all been waiting for that!

June of 2008- Dress your table with these Edible Flowers

Think salads are out for the rest of the summer?  Think again!  This post on hearty greens  from June of 2009make fantastic options for summer salads. Look for young leaves at the markets, and keep them in mind while planning next year's garden.

More flower eating in July 2009!  This time, stuffed squash blossoms.  I love this recipe, and make it every year when the blossoms are in season!  

There are loads of recipes hidden in the archives of June 2010.  This coleslaw recipe from Shannon is the perfect side dish and summer pot luck contribution!

I'll bet this photo from July 2010 cools you off!  Dark blue and purple shades of eggplant, basil, potatoes and blackberries- very nice.

In June of 2011, we welcomed a new writer for the RFC, Rachel Rees.  Rachel and her husband Rob have a fantastic northside garden.  In this post, Rachel gives us the ins and outs of harvesting and storage of homegrown garlic, potatoes and shallots.

July of 2011 was chock full of wonderful recipes as well!  Check out the archive for Casey's corn and melon salsa recipe, my favorite salsa verde and Shannon's chocolate cherry brownies.  YUM!

Enjoy the bounty, y'all!


  1. Yeah! I need to put that squash blossom recipe into action- and since I'm not such a big fan of summer squash It seems a nice compromise...

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