Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 11-17 Eat Local Challenge Menu

Here, belatedly, is the menu I put together for this past week. (Spelling is one of my great weaknesses. Passing comments from my husband serve as the blackboard's spellcheck and this week he kept any such corrections to himself so I apologize for any mistakes.) There was, as always, some adjustments. The jalapeno dish and the pizza got pushed back into this week. Thursday Night was dinner with our friends Jonah and Liz. Liz went out of her way to accommodate, by heading out to the Wednesday morning market to pick up all the fixings for a tossed salad, as well as zucchinis to grill up, and apples for a honey crisp. I picked up some ground turkey from Ellwood's and the hamburger rolls, as well as chocolates from the Wednesday afternoon market at Lakeside, and some sweet potatoes from Bill's Produce for fries. We toasted with the Horten Norton and had a great meal complete with homemade sweet pickles. I decided not to worry about the ketchup, mustard and partook.

The Quiche became a fritatta, the Lentils for the soup were not local... but the onions, chicken broth, rosemary, sage, and the Asian greens I put in right before serving all were. And the cornmeal is Patrick Henry brand from the mill in Ashland.
The cream came from Yoder Dairy via Elwoods, the Shiitake mushrooms came from Fertile Crescent, the red peppers from my yard and Amy's organics, The chicken from Avery Branch Farm, the poblanos, and sweet potatoes were from bills produce, the onions, I'd chopped and frozen from either Victory or Bills, the arugula and spinach from Victory, and finally the black beans were canned and although I need to use them up they never did get opened. The tomato sauce is made with about 6 tomatoes from my garden and for pizza sauce I add one can of paste (the smallest size they sell). I know the paste is cheating, but until I find the time or the tomatoes to cook down into a sauce thick enough to put on a pizza crust, this is how it is.

On the subject of cheating...Tuesday night was a big one. After spending all day digging and tilling, I came home and put up 6 quarts of tomatoes and helped my husband put up 3 quarts of pickles. When we finished a little past 7:00, having done nothing but can, and with no dinner started I caved in and we shared a meal of chicken sausages he'd bought at Ukrops. We did have these with our own peppers, and green beans from the market. Lunches all week were leftovers... and the yummy homemade yogurt my mother in law made for me! I like to eat this with honey and apples, or with hot sweet potatoes.

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