Sunday, February 1, 2009

Food Democracy Now

For those of you who didn't hear about the campaign to convince President Obama to name a sustainable agriculture proponent to the position of Secretary of Agriculture, I apologize. As I am sure you know that position has been filled and Obama's choice of former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack was not someone on the sustainable ag. list. (Vilsack attempted a run for the Democratic Party Presidential candidate. When he had dropped out early in the race he threw his support behind Hillary Clinton and campaigned heavily for her. Once Obama won the primary Vilsack supported him. )
However, Food Democracy Now is not giving up on getting someone dedicated to sustainable agriculture in the department. They have moved on to the Under Secretary position, stating that it is there belief that the Under Secretary of Agriculture may actually have a bigger influence over the day to day operation of the department. Food Democracy Now was founded in Iowa by a handful of experienced supporters of sustainable farming including Aron Woolf, the producer and director of King Korn, and Paul Willis who among other things is of Niman Ranch. Niman Ranch offers pork from hogs raised outdoors. These are not luxury grazing, foraging farms, but sadly in the world of Iowa farming simply being able to promote and maintain hog farms that are anything but indoor confinement operations is a bit of a feat.
To view their website, links to dozens of articles about them and their movement, and to cast a vote of support for their list of potential candidates, which they refer to as "The Sustainable Dozen" please click Here.

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  1. Vilack policies?????? As much aconcern shoud be for his past history of lack of transparency and ethics. Good luck to all of us on this one.

    Dixie Burkhart
    Facts Don't Matter