Sunday, February 1, 2009

On the Road to Victory

This year looks to be another big year for Victory Farms. Charlie has set out once again to Double the number of people participating in the Victory Farms CSA! In addition, he has been in the running for White House Farmer... an idea put forth by Michael Pollen in an NPR interview and similar to the eat the view campaign to turn White House Lawn into productive fruit and vegetable gardens. Well, thankfully for us in Richmond anyway Charlie did not end up in the finale three. However, I am certain that the Nation would have benefited greatly from his expertise and enthusiasm for sustainable and wildly productive farming. If you are interested in checking out the White House Farmer site and viewing the final voting results (polls closed last night), click Here.

Given, their goal of doubling their CSA memberships Victory has extended the application deadline to join. It's not too late. Visit their website for more info.
In addition, several of us were rather holding our breath to see what would come of Charlie's plan to open a local store front to sell his produce. It looks like those plans have been put off for now anyway. Here is short excerpt from their latest e-mail...

"After much searching and contemplation, we have decided to hold off on opening a retail storefront. Weighing economic and family feasibility as well as logistical considerations, we have decided to focus on the tripling of the garden and the doubling of the CSA membership. We do not want to increase our overhead at this point nor compromise the CSA experience for anyone.
So, the plan is now to do the two markets we've mentioned previously -
Tuesdays at Bryan Park from 3-7pm and
Saturdays at the South of James in Forest Hill Park from 8am-1pm (NOTE: new ending time!) - The 17th Street Farmers Market on Thursdays from 9am-1pm.
Please note, though, that the month of April is going to be a different plan. Due to the city's insurance restrictions, we cannot setup there until May. For April only, we will be at either the Crossroads Art Center Market or at the 17th Street Farmers Market on Thursdays. We may also do the 17th Street Market on Saturdays just for April, but that is TO BE DETERMINED and we'll let you know for sure soon when I hear back from them. We will have more space at all three markets as well as more staff to help serve our customers. We are working on new efficiency methods to speed checkout. And we will purchase a refrigerated box truck to aid in the transportation and short-term storage of the produce.We are still entertaining the idea of a case in one or two strategic locations around town and we'll let you know if that becomes available."

The Bryan Park Market (Off of Lakeside Ave) may be a new one to many of you.
As well as the extra hour for The South of the James Market!
It is promising to be another exciting market season for us all with other new markets planned including two new ones in the west end of the city (not the short pumpy west end, but west end old school style). We will keep you posted!

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  1. I'm so happy to have found your blog. I wrote a very similar post about Charlie just last week on Lewis Ginter's blog. Can't wait to see how we can collaborate on content.