Friday, February 27, 2009

RFC Visits the VABF Conference

I will be representing the Richmond Food Collective today and tomorrow at the Virginia Association for Biological Farming conference at the Richmond Sheraton West hotel! I didn't get to participate in this conference last year, so I'm excited to see what it has to offer in 2009. Speakers include Will Allen of Growing Power Inc., that exciting nonprofit organization from Milwaukee centered around urban gardening, community education, organic growing and food systems work. Check out my post on Will Allen here, where I talked about his MacArthur fund Genius Grant. I will be attending workshops on permaculture and year round production of naturally grown vegetables today, and tomorrow hope to check out workshops on farm systems, mushrooms and growing organic produce for restaurants. Check back here for photos and details about the conference -- or stop me and say hello if you plan to attend the conference as well! I will be wearing a Richmond Food Collective badge.

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  1. I had a farmer friend stay at my house on Friday night, so she could avoid hotel costs while attending the VABF. After the Friday night session, she was totally jazzed to go home to Albemarle County and get back to working the land. Her kids are grown now, and she works for the Virginia Organizing Project part time, so she's got time to grow and cook all of her own food. She brought me some eggs from her chickens. I got to feed her breakfast before she went back to the conference. Karen knocked out some hashbrowns and I made a scramble with mozzarella and broccoli (from California, she correctly predicted) and some fresh baked flat bread. Right up until she went out the door, we talked about the Pollan, and Bittman, and the paradigm shift taking place in the way we think eat and produce food. That's my VABF story.