Saturday, February 21, 2009

School Milk Campaign

Alex Beauchamp, of the Food and Water Watch School Milk Campaign sent us this information on a movement to take rBGH out of school milk. Read on to find out how you can help.

Join Food and Water Watch's Effort to Expel the Hormones from School Milk!

Our kids deserve the healthiest food possible, and parents deserve to have a say in what their kids eat. Milk is a staple for many of our nation’s youngsters, and it’s crucial that the milk served Richmond schools be safe, healthy and free of artificial hormones.

The artificial growth hormone rBGH, used to increase milk production, is unhealthy for cows and may be linked with some types of cancer in humans. RBGH is already banned in some countries, and US consumers are increasingly opting for milk produced without it. In fact, big retailers like Starbuck's, Wal-Mart, and Kroker have already decided not to serve milk with rBGH. Now, companies may be looking to school lunch programs as an outlet for milk consumers don’t want.

We can’t let pharmaceutical companies and corporate agribusiness dictate what’s best for our kids. That’s why Food & Water Watch’s School Milk Campaign is working to give all schools the option to choose milk that is free of rBGH. The Child Nutrition Act is up for renewal this year, giving us a great chance to give schools the option to purchase rBGH-free or organic milk.

Congressman Bobby Scott is a key vote to give schools the choice to purchase rBGH-Free school milk in the Education and Labor Committee, so the Richmond area is particularly important for this issue. We'll keep you informed as the campaign continues to move forward, but for now, can you take 2 minutes to sign Food and Water Watch's online petition?
Sign here.

Interested in working locally in your school district, click here to find out what you can do to ensure your school's milk is rBGH-free.

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