Tuesday, April 1, 2008

04/01 Market Update

I went down to the Byrd House Market after reading Erin's exciting notice about 'renegade' vendors and investigated the rumor that there would be produce for sale this week. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Victory Farms, Amy's, or any other other wonderful farms that provide us with fresh veggies, but the market certainly felt alive -- everyone seems to be in a good mood, gearing up for the market season.

There was a big table of seedlings for sale. From far away I thought these were spring greens, but upon a closer look realized they were potential vegetables. You can tell I'm sick of winter. Anyway, there was a good selection here, and prices were reasonable! There were also crafts vendors in attendance, as well as the regular winter crew (CCL Farms, Faith Farms and the 'bread guy'); two stands sold baked goods and preserves.

Behind the market, community garden plots thrive. We hope to find more vendors at the Byrd House Market every week -- see you there next time!

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