Sunday, April 20, 2008

Field Trip! Eden Farms and Grayhaven Winery

Last weekend, Natalie and I went out to Gum Spring to visit our friends at Eden Farms. It was so fun to see a startup farm, with vegetable beds, fruit trees and animals. (Baby chickens? Like I wasn't plotting a way to take some of THOSE home. But, for a lack of preparedness, I did not. Sigh.) The operation, the brainchild of five brothers and sisters, sells everything from handmade soap and lip balm to gorgeous planters made out of granite leftover from kitchen remodels, to handmade rabbit and ferret toys as well as the aforementioned baby animals. Eden Farm is open Saturdays starting at 10am. For more information and directions, contact the Agnews at 556-3377.

Just a hop, skip and a jump away from Eden farms is the cheerful Grayhaven Winery. We spent quite a while at the tasting bar, sampling eight different varietals and some house sangria. Whoo- whee! All of the wines were fantastic, ready to drink with no residual sugar. We bought some Moonlight white and an amish made cheddar that was reported to have been made without the convienience of electricity! Regardless, it was so creamy and wonderful, we tore right into it and plum lost the label, so I can't tell you the brand. The winery offers many locally made products, including Eden farms soap and my favorite goat cheese from Goats 'R us. Visiting Grayhaven is a fun day trip anytime, but we are especially excited about their South African food and wine festival in mid July!

Have some fun exploring in your own backyard!

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  1. Hi! Just stumbled upon your site and saw your blog post re Eden Farms & Grayhaven. Thanks for the kind words! The cheese is Goot Essa from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania...I'm pretty sure the health dept requires them to have electricity - they are rustic but not that rustic;-) BTW, 'goot' means farm and 'essa' is the name of their daughter. Hope to see you again at Grayhaven. Cheers, Max