Sunday, May 23, 2010

Compost Tea At The South of The James Market

I've noticed the 'Living Soils' banner attached to a new tent near the front of the South of the James Market this season. I had yet to stop, and check it out, but I am sure now that I will. Victory Farms mentioned this new enterprise in their e-mail so I visited the website to check them out. Five dollars will buy you one gallon. A half gallon is three dollars. So good for your soils, and usually tricky to find, having a quality compost tea available at the South of James would be exciting news indeed.


  1. Also available at Whole Foods! Bring your jug!

  2. The compost tea at Whole Foods is generated from compost trucked in from a company in Maryland. LivingSoils brews their tea locally, and from local compost. Since compost tea contains the microbes that in turn provide the nutrients plants need, it might be valuable to use a tea containing local species of bacteria and fungi. Plus, according to the info card I got from their booth at SOJ, LivingSoils has had lab tests done to validate their recipe and methods.