Sunday, May 23, 2010

The United States of Food

So, I know that somewhere someone has talked to me about this Virginia company that ships whole pre-planted raised garden beds to customers in Virgina. The company based in Lanexa Va, (between New Kent and Willamsburg) has a garden starter kit package for non-Virginians. Why this hasn't caught my attention until now I can't imagine. Whole, growing gardens shipped to your yard?!
Started by two guys with interesting and impressive bios... Ivan Fehrenbach, and Shane Emmett , The United States of Food will build, plant, and ship you any of their 'stock' bed designs ranging from a soil filled wine barrel to a 4x8 raised bed. Pine seems to be standard, but you can choose ceder for extra money. Victory Farms has announced that The United States of Food, is now using Victory Farms own compost in their garden soil mix. They will custom build gardens for Restaurants on site as well. If chickens are your thing they can also build you a custom coop. The price for the 4x8 garden is $695. The price of convenience. The website tries to balance this cost by showing you the potential value of the food that could feasibly be produced in the plot over a two year period.
I had questions about what plants are in their selectable planting options. With names like 'The Presidential Plot', and 'The Southern Supper' I couldn't find any sort of actual plant list. Interested? Check out their 'how it works' page. Have questions? If your in the Richmond area you can visit them at the Bryan Park Market on Tuesday Afternoons.

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  1. I felt much better about my own planting boxes when I read that theirs cost 695. Whoa! I built all 12 of mine (and filledthrm with a dump trucks load of soil and compost) for less than their cost for one. And I WAS sweating that.

    Their boxes are prettier than mine. But the plants don't care.

    Thanks for sharing!