Monday, May 17, 2010

Rooftop Farming

Intense sunlight, high winds, and an elevator for access doesn't sound like the ideal farming environment, but for several years now many individuals around the country and around the world have been making it work. The spiritual, environmental, and economic rewards reaped seem to make it all worth while. The natural world will find these oasis and even lend a helping hand, as rooftop farmers have discovered that birds can introduce earthworms and other soil organisms. My Coworker recently sent me this interesting story from the NY Times about a for profit group in NY City that is starting their second large scale roof top farm. Called Brooklyn Grange the group raised funds through donations to meet the cost of launching the project. You can click here to go directly to their website for pics and information about the group and their philosophy. You can click here to check out pics and story line from their first 6000 sq ft. The site for City Farmer has a good collection of articles about different Rooftop Farming enterprises. Add in some rooftop beekeeping, and you've got a close to complete package. Good inspiration for Richmond. Check it out.

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  1. That is totally cool, I had seen this mini documentary on the subject, it may be listed in one of your links as well. It is from Food Curated, she tells great food stories.