Saturday, July 31, 2010

Creme Brulee

In the spring of '09 we had hoped to do one of our podcasts, where we would featureasparagus and eggs. Asparagus, because it's the ultimate of spring's special foods. Eggs were also chosen because during the spring, with all the fresh green grass, and good weather roaming, eggs seem to be at their best. Well, we made all the food, took photos, recorded audio of Erin making her risotto, and me melting the sugars atop my creme brulee. Unfortunately, editing and putting a podcast all together is a lot of time consuming work for a couple of gardener types, and we have yet to get it done. Okay, we have yet to even start the process. However, I kept coming across the above photo I took of my creme' brulee ingredients, and wishing I could include it in a post. So here it is... Homestead Creamery cream, eggs, vanilla and sugar.

Now all I really have to say about creme brulee is first that it is delicious, second it is not at all hard to make. My one big lesson was that although the recipe calls for egg yolks most of us are not used to eating creme brulee made with fresh free roaming chicken eggs. If industrial type eggs are like a 1 on a 1-10 scale of eggy flavor, then pastured spring eggs must be a full on 10. Normally this equals deliciousness, but when going for a simply seasoned custardy dessert, the flavor was a bit overwhelming for me. I had this same problem with a cinnamon flavored souffle. In this case you could just omit the yolks, but I don't think this works the creme brulee. So in the end, perhaps summer, fall or winter eggs are really the best for this dish.

This blow torch bit is kinda fun, but I used to have to do this myself at one spot where I was a waitress. With tables full in the dining room and customers wanting their checks, drinks or dinner, I would have to run into the kitchen and fire up someone's dessert! Madness.

All done! The outfit, dessert color coordination was not planned, but made a nice photo op. Served chilled with that wonderful sugar crust creme brulee is good for summer. Outside of the US it is traditionally served warm. Here is one simple recipe, but there are dozens of great how- to videos on line.

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