Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hey Richmond, you just keep getting better

One of the hard things about moving back to the place where you grew up is that you sometimes feel a little sensitive about it. I definitely didn't grow up expecting to be back in Richmond as an adult. And yet, Richmond keeps ticking my boxes. Granted my parents, brother, and sister are all here, making it a place I will not leave anytime soon. But, there are so many amazing things happening here right now, I find myself laughing a bit when my friends from here (who don't live here anymore) list the reasons they would NEVER move back. I remember those reasons. But, things have changed for me a bit.

In fact, as I began writing what I thought would be a very simple post, I realized it needed to be much longer. So I will share with you the one event that got me started and then I will publish a longer post next week with all the reasons Richmond is where I eat (and live!) these days!

The event* that started it all is being put on by a bunch of awesome women out in the woods of Amelia. Basically, these ladies are taking the first weekend of December (Friday, December 2nd - Sunday, December 4th) and turning it into an amazing opportunity to learn, share, and (of course!) EAT! There will be massage, yoga, meditation, plant identification, and much more.

THIS is what is so great about Richmond. People coming together with a bunch of different skills and finding a way to share them. It kind of reminds me of Richmond Food Collective, to be honest. Minus the mad massage skills!

Anyway, to find out more about this event (proper name: Wellness in the Woods) check out the website here. And check out my post next week for a much longer list of the reasons Richmond is the right place for me right about now.

Also, any other great events that you and/or your friends are putting on? I know that Wellness in th Woods is only one of many!!

P.S. A friend suggested that we celebrate the famed shopping day(day after Thanksgiving) by doing all our shopping at local businesses and allI could think was "that would be so easy here!" I'm gonna do it, except since I don'tplan on shopping that Friday, I will just commit to doing the bulk of myholiday gift shopping locally. More on how that goes to come!

Richmond image found here.
*Obviously, since I know these people, I am biased . . . due to their awesomeness.


  1. That workshop sounds amazing! Go RVA!

  2. Whoa, so happy to know about that workshop, thanks for the info Cat!