Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marathon (watching) party!

This weekend, neighborhood folks gathered for brunch and marathon watching. We were stranded, there was no way out of the neighborhood since we are right on the route. So, we settled in and made a party of it.

Casey made her famous cheesy grits and sweet pumpkin muffins. We had homemade bread with Anne's apple butter and herbed baked eggs with arugula. There were mimosas.

There were happy friends.


  1. Those of us who ran appreciate your watching! Although I (only) did the half, afterwards I ate like I'd done the full. My husband the marathoner, however, got to eat as many slices of pizza as he could muster. :)

  2. You marathoners are amazing. We so admire your strength and endurance- not sure how many pieces of pizza could entice me to run that far!