Tuesday, March 13, 2012

RFC throwback: March

Finding recipes to share with you for this month's throwback was not easy.  There were a lot of philosophical posts, there were a lot of exclamations of excitement over the markets opening again, but there was not a whole lot of cooking going on.  I feel that this year too- late winter is a difficult time to get excited about, food wise.  We've been eating a lot of the same things for weeks and months.  We are ready for a change, yearning for fresh foods to return to our dinner tables.  I hope you find something here that inspires you from RFC Marches past...

In 2008, Shannon shared her recipe for spinach salads, savory or sweet, a wilted version with white beans and one with cranberries, walnuts and feta. Perfect for early spring! 

To combat the winter blues, we do love to cook with and for each other.  In 2009, we recorded a podcast doing just that- the first in a series of dinner parties we recorded. I am so glad we did, because I loved listening to it again!  Pumpkin was our featured ingredient during this dinner, and so we have recipes for pumpkin sage sauce for pasta and pumpkin pie, as well as gardening tips and fun facts about the Cucurbita pepo.

In 2010, there were NO recipes posted during the month of March.  There was, however, a little veggie garden prep post that may help get you excited about your own veggie garden.  What are you all planting this year?

I do love a dinner party, and loved remembering this breakfast- for- dinner superfun time in 2011 when we made pancakes of all kinds (superfluffy ones, gluten free ones and vegan ones too!)  Recipes for all, pancakes for all!

Happy March, everyone! 

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