Monday, March 19, 2012

RFC visits Peter Chang's

This weekend, the RFC traveled out to Peter Chang's Cafe in Short Pump. The restaurant has a great story, and I am a sucker for a good story.   If you have never had the pleasure of real szechuan cooking, (or even if you have) get there.  Each dish was so phenomenal, I went Friday and Saturday nights this weekend (true story), and both times made sure I had enough for leftovers.  
*Bok choy with tofu skin

*chicken with peppers

*numbing beef in clay pot

*Thanks to Sal for the fantastic photos!!


  1. I loved eating there, too! The duck dishes are fabulous.

  2. The Restaurant is called PF Chang's after Paul Fleming (Flemings) and Phillip Chang (born Chiang). The chef you referenced has nothing to do with PF Changs.

    1. And how! Peter Chang is an elusive and enigmatic chef who has recently opened a restaurant in a Short Pump strip mall. With a name so similar to P.F. Chang's, no wonder there is confusion! Check out the food, though. There is nothing else like it here!