Saturday, June 28, 2008

Discoveries at the South of the James Market

I am at the South of the James very week, and have so much fun trying offerings from different vendors. Summer has kicked in, and the produce offerings are so fun and diverse. It is getting difficult to choose what to buy! Today, I picked up my first eggplant and tomatoes from Victory- Celebrate good times- woo hoo! I also picked up some shiitakes from Fertile Crescent's stand. Adam is selling these gorgeous mushrooms for OG Roots, an organic grower out of Farmville. Also, I am kind of obsessed with the fresh pasta from Cavanna. I have tried the Tagilatelle which was amazing, and this week I bought spinach and regular Fettucini. Fresh pasta is a whole different animal than 'regular' pasta. Cavanna also sells handmade ravioli- I am working my way through their wares.

When I was about to leave, James (bless him) bought me the last bag of Pecan Squares from Lana's stand. Oh- man. So good. Pecans, orange, butter and brown sugar- and probably more butter. So, for today, my life is complete.

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  1. Hi Erin,

    I too love Cavanna's fresh pasta, I had their spinach ravioli last week and it was fantastic with the seasons first fresh tomatos and a little olive oil and fresh garlic. Actually this pasta was even tasty plain!