Sunday, June 22, 2008

Flowers as Food, Food as Flowers

I am lucky enough to work with flowers, my first love, every day. So, it is a natural evolution to bring flowers to the table, and not just as a centerpiece. Flowers are an essential element to any vegetable garden as they attract pollinators, as well as making your garden a beautiful place to be. This weekend I harvested several types of edible flowers for a dinner party, and while we used them as garnish primarily, I recommend that you taste them. Aside from being a beautiful addition to your plate, these flowers are really flavorful and often beneficially medicinal.

On the left, there are Nasturtiums. Nasturtiums flowers are a bit spicy and really beautiful. Next, are Dill flowers which are so fun. They taste a whole lot like, well, like dill. Pictured in the next bowl is a Calendula blossom, which has been used in place of saffron. The Shunkigu is related to the Chrysanthemum, and has a light and tangy flavor. Pictured on the far right are Borage flowers, which taste a lot like cucumbers. I also served lavender flowers with the Blueberry and meringue dessert. Mmmm...Hmmm....

Then, at the market on Saturday, I got all excited when I saw leaves from Harlequin Corn (also called Japonica Striped Maize by Seed Savers )in the bouquets at Amy's Garden stand. Amy is always using herbs like basil in bouquets, and I really appreciate someone who really recognizes the beauty of the plant itself.

Here is a photo of my amazing new bouquet, from behind.


  1. thanks for this post. my nasturtium went to town, then decided to call in sick during the heat wave. but my borage started flowering this week! i am in love with this plant now.

    my calendula also started blooming this week. i am going to wait a bit before tasting, though.

  2. Flowers are the supreme creation of God. They are considered to be one of the most magnificent things that He has created.