Thursday, June 12, 2008

Erin's Top Five at the Market

Disclaimer: I cannot stick to five items only. I will, however, gush about five vendors that I love and my favorite products of theirs.

1) Victory Farms- golden beets and sweet peas- so gorgeous and bright

2) Norwood Cottage Bakery- White Wheat Bread (don't look at the price) and Double Chocolate Stout Cake (Whose ingredients are: Callebaut cocoa powder, chocolate stout, cake flour, eggs, sugar, sweet cream butter, sour cream. Um- yeah.)

3) Faith Farms- Amish Roll Butter. You've gotta try it.

4) Cabbage Hill Farms- micro greens. For those of us that loved Jumpin' J's Java in Church Hill, these greens are part of the reason why. These are a beautiful addition to any meal, as a garnish or greens substitution. Plus, they are so cute!

5)Amy's Garden- Now that the strawberries are gone, it is time to explore their other gorgeous produce. Romanesco Broccoli is super fun and beautiful!

See you at the market!


  1. Which Market (and which day) is Norwood Cottage at?

  2. All of these vendors are at the South of the James Market on Saturdays. Thanks for asking!