Monday, June 2, 2008

Shannon's Top 5 at the Market

If you are heading to Richmond area farmers markets this week, here are 5 of my favorite things right now:

1. Rosemary Focaccia from the No Wonder bread truck. This has served as a perfect addition to the post market meal on numerous occasions- perfect for mixing with fresh greens for a nice bread salad, or for making a quick and tasty sandwich with market greens and my next item:
2. Garlic Goat cheese from Goats R' Us .. this is sold through Faith Farm and comes in three flavors, garlic, plain, and black pepper.
3. Fresh baby potatoes from Amy's Garden. Potatoes soak up a lot of chemicals, so it's always good to get organic. Potatoes are also one of those foods most people don't think much about, but a freshly harvested potato makes a world of difference.
4. First summer yellow and green striped squash from Amy's Garden- Very handsome and such a great sign of all the summer produce to come!
5. prepped bags of mixed greens from Victory Farms... perfect for a tasty bread, or beet salad with beets from any vendor you can get them (Victory's beets have been off limits to non-csa members)

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