Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2 At the Market

So August is here and yes it's hot and humid, but all that steady warmth brings us so many delicious fruits of the season. I just got back from an early morning trip to the South of the James Market and was once again bowled over by all that bounty! Of course, this time of year if your like me and have a garden of your own, and friends and family with gardens of their own, there are probably certain vegetational treats that you've got covered (or are covering your counter tops.) Even so, there is variety enough at the market to round out your personal store of zucchinis, yellow squash and tomatoes.
Here is what I got at the market today ...
8 nice size beets $2.00
Quart of red potatoes $2.00
1 Cantaloupe $2.00
1 Large Eggplant $2.00
1 Quart greenbeans $2.00
Semolina Baguette $2.00
Rosemary and Onion Focaccia $4.00
Pint of Tomatillos $2.00
Pint of Shitake Mushrooms $3.00?
Creamy Golden Potatoes (quart) $4.00
Sweet Red Peppers $1.00 each
Blackberries, 2pints for $5.00
Fresh Eggs, a dozen free range for $4.00
Cranberry Beans, about a quart, $3.00
White Onions, quart, $3.00
1 Amazing almond flour based Tart, $5.00 (Joel at Seven Hills, lured me in with a free sample)
Ham biscuits for the hubby $1.00 each
Breakfast Sausage links $6.00
Honey $3.50?

All of these items came from Faith Farm, Fertile Crescent Farm, Bills Produce, Victory Farm, Seven Hills Market, No Wonder Bread, and the blackberries... I don't remember the name of the farm, but this was all she was selling... (sorry, Erin can you remember?)

Other good stuff I saw there... lemon cucumbers, english and pickling cucumbers, A woman buying a whole bushel of tomatos, Fresh Made Tofu for $2.50!, Eggplant Parm Sandwhich for $5.00, Okra, Corn, garlic, herbs, cookies, cake, kale, mixed quarts of several tomato varieties, a new vendor with some nice home made hard Cheeses, and tons more!

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