Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brookview and Goochland Market

Just a quick word to express my sympathy for Brookview farms who suffered a hit this past week when their main pork and beef freezer failed them. Their e-mail sounded of high spirits and focused on all the products they still have to offer post meltdown, but all the same this has to be a very frustrating and financially trying experience.
I would also like to say that I have been meaning to get to the Goochland Saturday Market for a solid year now and have yet to find or "make" the time. Fuel being what it is, and so many great markets so near to my home and work I just haven't made the trip. However, a good friend of ours is there every week selling homemade all natural bug repellent (I've tried this and it really works), lotions, scrubs and such and by all accounts I've heard people seem to love this market.
If any of you reading this have visited or even frequent the Goochland Farmers Market please feel free to post a comment about your market experience west of the city.

Also still trying to get to Ashland FM.....


  1. As the Executive Director of the Center for Rural Culture, which is the 501c3 that runs the Goochland Farmers Market, I guess I'm somewhat biased on local markets, but I do think we have a very special market! This past Saturday, we had 48 participating vendors and 1350 customers. I talked with one lady who comes out regularly from Richmond who had just been to the new Forest Hill market and she said that we had alot more produce. We also have fewer crafts and more meat and cheese vendors. I'm not trying to dis any of the other markets, believe me...we need them ALL, but I do think that we have a wonderfully diverse mix of vendors and the experience and ambiance at our market is truly's a real farm market. I hope you'll come out and set a spell with us!

    As for Brookview Farm - I'm sorry to hear of their loss. I'm on my way over there to donate a few dollars to show my support. They are the most wonderful people on the planet and have contributed to the "wealth" of Goochland County in so many ways...

  2. Thank you Lisa for your comment. The Goochland Market does sound great and I will definetly have to make the trip. Thank you so much for all you do!