Friday, August 29, 2008

This Lawn is Your Lawn

Here is a cute video recommended by RFC friend Laura:

Initially I thought the idea of petitioning the next president to grow a garden at the White House was kind of silly, but some good points are being made here. Sometimes grand gestures are important to influence public mindspace. I would love to see the next president take a more conscientious view of food and agriculture, encouraging the American people to do the same.

The website ( says,

Here are a few things you can do to help:
1) Identify a landscape near you that you think should be "edible-ized". Residents of San Francisco are planting a Victory Garden in front of their town hall. The Governors of Maine and New York are already eating from gardens planted at their official residences. New school gardens are being dug across the country. What about your town, your local schools, and elected official's residence?

2) Sign our "White House Food Garden Petition" which we will deliver to the President-elect this fall along with a diverse collection of heirloom seed packets.

3) Vote for the idea of a food garden on the White House lawn at the website

4) Join this campaign and website. Use this site to share your stories of edible landscapes you're creating, planning, or already eating.

5) Join our Facebook group

You can also put up one of these images on your website or blog:

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  1. How bout the Governer's Mansion?
    Kaine may not be the next VP but he is the head of our state?! Perhaps he may even like the idea.
    Thanks Natalie this was great!!